How to edit default appearance of "maj" in chord symbols

Hello All
Is there a easier way to change this ChordSymbol
Screenshot 2024-05-19 at 17.38.36

to this , not just for one Root but for all Roots, i do not want to do it 12 times for each
Screenshot 2024-05-19 at 17.24

And why does the ChordSymbol Change from Fj7 #9 b5 to Fj7 9b5 when I change the Font as you can see in the Pic below?

Thank you very much for Help

You can edit the “maj” appearance to change it to “j” via Library > Chord Symbols, provided you always want “maj” to appear as “j” in all chord symbols. Enter a chord symbol that includes the “maj” appearance you want to change, then select the “maj” component. In the grid of appearances below the main editor display, select the “maj” you want to change, then click the little pencil icon. Adjust the appearance as you like, then click OK to confirm.

I think there’s an option on the Chord Symbols page of Engraving Options for whether alterations should be enclosed in parentheses; again, provided you want this appearance for every chord symbol involving alterations, you can make a single change there.

Thank you very much for answering, doe this work for all maj with any Root?

Provided you edit the “maj” appearance in the way I’ve described, by selecting it in the grid below the main preview display in Library > Chord Symbols and using the pencil icon to edit it, rather than editing it directly in the main preview display, yes, that edit will change the default appearance of “maj” in that project, so it will be used in all chord symbols in the project where it appears.

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Here’s a relevant page in the manual that outlines the chord symbol editing avenues available to you, and the scope of those changes:

Thank you
I already did a bunch off them as you can see in the Pic, but I do not know what I am doing wrong I have to repeat this also for Fmaj7 as you can see in the Pics an I the manual it says this

and I thought I could do it just for Cmaj7 and then it would also do it for Fmaj7.
I don’t understand, please help.

It could be that you’ve ended up with conflicting overrides – can you share the project file?

I can see from this screenshot that you’ve edited in the wrong place.

Daniel spelled it out as text above, twice.

I gave you a pretty picture with numbers on it in your other thread:

I’m not entirely sure how anyone could be clearer.


Sorry i did it exactly as you told I did use the pencil as you can see it open as Edit Chord Symbol Component but it made it only for Cmaj7

You haven’t edited the maj component. You’ve created a new one.

I appreciate that this can be a little fiddly, Reto, so it’s understandable that it takes a bit of getting used to. The advice that Daniel and Leo have given you is sound, though.


ok but I can not change the Glyph somehow

here my docs of every step I made with a new one (Dbmaj7) what did I miss?

In the last step, when you get to the Edit Chord Symbol Component dialog:

  1. Delete the “maj” component
  2. Add just the letter “j”, however you want to add it – either as text, or as a SMuFL glyph

This changes the appearance of the component known originally as “maj”, so that any time “maj” gets called up, your new “j” appears.

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Maybe video is clearer.

If this doesn’t work for you, it’s likely (particularly having seen the lengthy list of overrides in your latest screenshots) that you have conflicts because you’ve already attempted to modify so many different chord symbols individually.

If you want the same override to apply to all chord symbols, do it the way shown in this video.


Many Many thanks to you All for the help
I will try it tomorrow because now I have to go to the Orchestra rehearsal
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Hello All
Yes it worked, the video was very informative , thank you very much.
The only thing I am wondering about is that when I tried this with Dj7#9b5 it worked as expected with Ej7#9b5 but there is no space between the # and the 7, I tried to change it in EngravOpt >ChordSym>Design>Gap before alteration
but it did it only for all other Chords not for Dj7#9b5, why is this?
And the height of the #9 is also different in E7#9 and Ab7#9 as you can se in the pic

Ok I found it myself, I had to remove all in the List Project Default Appearance
start fresh and then it worked, but only with the #9 in the Ab7#9 and Bb7#9
not , ist there a solution for that?