How to edit different automations in the same way ?


I was wondering if we could modify different automation lanes in the same way.

As a simple example, imagine I have several instruments, playing with different variations in volume, but overall I want all of them to do a crescendo. Of course there is easy ways to do that, but this is just an example.

I want a similar behavior to what I would have by adding a VCA fader to these instruments and writing the crescendo on the VCA volume automation. But I would use that only for a part of the track, and I would need the “VCA” only while editing these instruments (and obviously freeze the changes).

Thank you!


It has been discussed here on the forum many times already. Unfortunately this is not possible.

Thank you Martin for you reply.

If this is not possible, can you tell me how users usually approach this situation?


You can Copy the Curve and then paste to the opened automation track. The best is to use Paste at Origin, to make sure, it’s perfectly in sync. Unfortunately you have to do it one by one.

You can use VCA or you can use a Group Channel.

Ok. I often select range and then drag with alt pressed to copy automation.

Such a feature would be handy.


Then I would recommend to hold down also Ctrl/Cmd to constrain the direction (to make sure you don’t move it to other time).

other DAWs do this, but not cubase

Yes, its a real shame Cubase cannot do this easily. Its also frustrating you cant ‘paste at origin’ to multiple tracks/parts.

It has been requested to Steinberg as a feature, “synchronised multiple editing of tracks automation” But who knows if it will ever be implemented!