How to edit midi sustain pedal?

I recorded a midi section with my keyboard and pedal. It turned out fine, and I can see the notes and velocity in the midi editor, but I can’t find the sustain anywhere. I want to cut it short at the end for dramatic effect but I don’t know any other way of doing it besides going into the sustain track and making the pedal shorter so that it stops sooner. I don’t know if I explained that right.

How do I edit the midi sustain? I would like thorough directions because I am very new to this program and I don’t know where anything is lol.

Thank you,

In the key editor window, I also have Velocity as default lane in the CC pane.

But there is also, on the bottom left, a + (Create controller lane) button which allows us to add controller lanes (CC64 in the ‘sustain’ case), as wanted…

EDIT : welcome on the forum, by the way… :slightly_smiling_face: