How to edit staff spacing in Engrave mode?

The demo video shows a simple toggle on the left panel to turn on ‘staff spacing’ in engrave mode. That doesn’t appear and can’t seem to find where to find that toggle. The video is from 2017 so I imagine it’s changed and somewhere else now. All I can find is how to make changes in Layout Options but that’s not what I’m after. Hopefully it’s quite simple. BTW I’m using Elements 4.

You did not provide the link to the video you mention, but I am pretty sure that even the most recent version of Elements does not have the staff-spacing capability.

Your best bet would be to work with Vertical Spacing settings in Layouts.

just tried including a link. It said we’re not allowed to include links.

Elements 4 has Engrave mode, but maybe it’s limited…

In Dorico Pro Engrave mode is split into various submodes now: graphical editing, frame editing, staff spacing, note spacing and graphic slices. Dorico Elements only gives access to the first of these.

okay gotcha, so it is limited, still decent though. Thanks for your help!

Welcome to the forum @Chipperino – as the others have said above, it’s not possible to move individual staves around in Dorico Elements. However, you still have access to spacing settings that you can set for each layout – here’s a couple of really useful videos about handling staves on pages that use a lot of these settings and explain how it all works:

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