How to edit zoom presets?

I have Zoom Presets 1 - 5 assigned to key command ALT + 1 - 5 respectively. How can I edit the zoom presets? I’d like 5 to zoom in much closer than it currently is set at.

Page 60 in the operations manual.

There is a down arrow next to the horizontal zoom slider.

You will see that there are more than 5 zoom presets and you can go tighter with 6 and beyond.

Also, CTRL ALT scroll wheel will adjust horizontal zoom

If you really want to make zoom pre 5 tighter, you choose organize, delete the presets so there are only the top 4 left… the make a 5th on your own.

Having a key command set up for zoom in, zoom out is also good. Mine are R and T which are the same in protools.

HA I’ve been carrying over custom key commands for previous versions, I can never remember what they were.

Thank you so much for this. I remembered that only the first 5 were assignable, but didn’t know I had to delete them and make a new one.

I sure wish the management of zoom presets was improved.
Its kind of a pain…

Instead of deleting previous zoom presets, you can organize them.

  • Look for RAMPresets.xml and make a backup copy
  • Open it
  • search for “minutes”, you will find the location for the Project Window “PArrangeWindowZoom”
  • under this you have a list of items.
  • look for your settings names in this list.
  • Cut all your settings you want to move from <obj class “FPreset” ID"xxxxxxxx"> to
  • Paste at the beginning just under
  • Save the file

You can do this also for the Audio editor,


Nice hack. I’ll have to try it.