How to eliminate overlapping notes from Score?

I arranged a score in cubase8.5 with overlapping notes as they are needed for slurring strings e.g. for Hollywood Diamond Strings or Samplemodeling trombones.

My first try was to export midi and import it into Dorico. The notes were as messy as they were in cubase. And an import error occured with some errorlines in the midi-file, but the notes were imported into Dorico but in a wrong flow (flute). I did not try to change that flute to a violoncello.

My second try was to open the cubase score and save it to music.xml but that was not satisfying.

Is there an opportunity to transfer a real score from cubase with overlapping notes into Dorico as a quantized clean notation? Or do I have to produce 2 scores in cubase - one for correct playback in cubase and one eliminating overlapping notes - to import into Dorico?

Are there other better workflows?

Dorico’s MIDI import is currently quite basic, and it won’t cope very well with overlapping notes. This is an area that we really want to improve in the future, and we’ve got lots of ideas for how we can do a better job of MIDI import.

For the moment the best option for getting music into Dorico is via MusicXML, as that will do a better job of getting instruments and staves correct. Alternatively you could try quantising in Cubase and then exporting MIDI, but you’ll still need to do a lot of cleaning up and assigning the correct instruments.