How To Empty First Page for Flow

Hi all,

I’d like to do something like this, if perfect page turning requires the first page to be empty. But at the very beginning of a flow, Dorico doesn’t seem to understand that even though the page does not contain music, it belongs to the upcoming flow. Therefore, the placeholders don’t get translated e.g. “flowtitle” just says litteraly “{@flowtitle@}” in the “Print” view.
It happens with both the very first flow of a project or a flow in the middle. I tried adding a music frame, that kinda worked. The placeholders get translated properly, but no matter how small I make the music box, Dorico always places actual music on the page, what I’m trying to avoid by concept.

EDIT: Just noticed, similar problem when I add an “Left blank for page turns”-page in the middle. The flow placeholder also don’t get translated.

Hope you can help me out :slight_smile:
Best, Rincewind

Welcome to the forum @Rincewind34!

Flow tokens can only resolve if there’s music on the page, otherwise they have no indication about what flow they should refer to. You can specify the flow number as part of the token, although I appreciate in this context that reduces the reusability of this master page.


Oh ok, thanks for the advice though. I couldn’t find an issue tracker to provide a feature request, seems like a fairly straight forward feature to just provide a setting on top of the page to override what flow it belongs to.

Thanks in advance!
Best, Rincewind

You can use the token {@flowNtitle@} to specify a particular flow (where N is the flow number). That should work for all flow tokens, e.g. flow1worknumber. See the tokens PDF for details.