How to emulate upward expansion in the same way as old Cubase Multiband


This is common for eg classical where you dont want any downward compression on peaks but upward compression on low levels

How do you guys achieve that with the Cubase plugs? Squahser has a built in 6db min downward threshold

I thought you very publicly declared that you don’t/won’t use any Cubase plugs? :rofl:

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lol…absolutely…but then it begs the question, how do others carry on that functionality in Cubase?

I found a couple of single band plugs that do similar but a long way behind…15 years later.

I know two ways:
Waves MaxxVolume in their free multiband host.
kHs Dynamics in Multipass
either should probably get you close. There is probably something in Reason’s Rack that you can cook up too.

With the, eh, Expander?

wow…dont mean to be rude…find out what a transfer curve is before posting maybe?

Sorry question is

Thanks for your reply though.

Maybe it just comes to you naturally. Was just trying to help. Feel free to explain why my suggestion is so bad that it deserves your derision - I’m happy to be educated. Perhaps try the plugin first though.

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I wasnt cranky…Im not great at filtered responses…I must be spectrum??? Important to look at the details before commenting…Im guilty of it too :slight_smile:

I have been chatting on posts and your response is valid and helpful…it lets me know that this aspect of dynamic range manipulation is not widely understood and prob the reason why Steinberg vet development per user response.

Just to some YT tuts on upward compression vs expansion vs downward and it will become clear…and helpful (Dan Worrall is very good)