How to enable CD text?

Hi there,

does anybody know how to enable in WLab 8.5 the CD text, in order to “see” displayed in most CD players the names of the tracks after burning a CD?

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It’s the T icon in the CD burning tab.

However, a common misconception is that “most” players use CD-text. Many hardware players do - but most computer players do not, preferring to look up albums using an on-line database such as FreeDB or GraceNote.


Thank you, Paul.

What I mean is: let’s say I’d like to burn a CD with my music. Well, I suppose I should start from wave tracks in WLab. So, I make a few Mixdowns from Cubase and save them in .wav format into WaveLab.

Then, I open the CD burn “thing”. I put the (named) tracks into it and burn the CD.

After that I just play the (burned) CD in various players: car player, computer player, domestic player and so on…

None of them “reports” the names of the tracks.

Bleeding Nero does it. Why Nero and not the quite expensive WaveLab 8?

I’m not a Nero fan, at all. I haven’t even got it.

Last, but not least, when I click on the “T”, I’m just unable to write anything. It is not possible. No way to do that.

Thanks again, mate.

I think there is lots of confusion going on here. Wavelab can read CD-Text on a CD (burned or replicated) when you attempt to import it, but the option to do this is not on by default. Check the extra options in the CD Import dialogue box. I’ll attach a screen shot.

Various software and CD players will give various results but typically, decent/newer car stereos and a few home stereo CD players will display CD-Text. This is not to be confused with metadata that Gracenote or All Music databases provide to iTunes and Windows Media Player when a CD is inserted to your computer and you are connected to the Internet. Metadata that iTunes and Windows Music Player can read must first be submitted to a database for the CD to be recognized by those software apps. iTunes and Windows Media Player (without special workarounds) will not read the CD-Text right from the CD. Once the data is submitted and live in the database, other users will be able to retrieve the album data as expected.

If you have a valid montage with CD markers and want burn a CD-R with CD-Text, you can enter the CD-Text for the disc itself and for each track in the CD-Text editing box. I’ll attach a screen shot of that as well.

If the CD-Text is entered there, and your CD burner supports CD-Text, then CD-Text should be on your CD. Having software and players read the CD-Text is an entirely different battle and not as simple as you may think.

Here’s more info on Metadata versus CD-Text:
Import CD.jpg

Your explanation is quite complete.

Thank you very much!