how to enclose a fermata in a pair parentheses?

Dear advanced users and developers.

How could a fermata be enclosed in a pair parentheses as follows (extracted from “An der schonen blauen Donau”)?

I could not find any option for it and any related post here.
Thanks in advance.

Either make a Playing Technique, or modify one of the fermata shapes that you’re not using in the Music Symbols editor. You’ll need to find a set of parentheses marks: there are several, such as in Standard Accidentals. Note that the order in which you add the glyphs is significant to how they line up to each other.

I would suggest editing an existing fermata symbol that you don’t use. This is done as follows:

  1. Make sure you are in Engrave mode.
  2. Enter the Edit Music Symbol dialog by in the top menu clicking Engrave -> Music Symbols…
  3. In the Category curtain (top left), choose “Holds and Pauses”.
  4. Pick a fermata that you won’t be using e.g. “Short Fermata” and replace its glyph(s) with the normal fermata symbol and of course surrounding parenthesis and adjust their sizes and positions to your liking. These can be found in the “Holds and Pauses” range and e.g. the “Dynamics” range. Do this for both the above version and the below version respectively.

Thank you very much!

It would be great if users can add symbols using Music Symbol dialog window. Why is it restricted?

You can’t add symbols in the Music Symbols editor because every symbol in there is used by Dorico for a specific purpose. There’s no sense in allowing you to create a symbol that the software cannot use. If you want to add your own custom symbol, it needs to be added in association with the feature that will be involved in getting it to appear in your project, for example as a notehead, a playing technique, or an accidental.

Thanks! I understand why adding symbols in the Music Symbols editor cannot be allowed.

Currently, I see this option only for dynamic markings and accidentals.
Could you add the option “parenthesized” for the following symbol?

  • tr
  • Baroque and Classical ornaments
  • Jazz
  • All symbols in “Holds and Pauses”
  • Playing technique (even though each symbol in the Playing technique could be altered and added)

If necessary, I can post a new thread dedicated to the subject in this post.

You don’t need to add a new thread. We in the Dorico team read every post, even if we don’t respond personally to every single one.