How to enter/playback a drum roll?

I’m entering the strange and unusual world of percussion. On a snare drum, how do you notate a roll? Some evidence suggests using a tremolo, but the playback just sounds really mechanical and un-rolly, using HAL SO.

Is that just how HSO is, or am I doing something wrong?

Unison trills seem to do the trick.

Hmm. It’s still quite ‘machine gun’ rather than a smooth roll, here.

Have you experimented with these values?

… and there we have it. That’s much better.

I just tried this in NotePerformer and in HSO. trems sound awful to me (they are indeed quintuplets at q = 120), trills sound good. I seem to have the same playback options as Leo recommends. What could account for this?

I wasn’t recommending those - they’re the defaults! Maybe try setting the top value to 2 and the bottom value to 1/8.

Understood, but I’m curious to know how Ben’s experience is different…

Yes, I wasn’t using Leo’s numbers, just messing with the settings. I’m also using the Z-trem, which is unmeasured.

I was rather expecting a ‘dedicated’ roll sample, but it’s just doing “Chaka Khan”.

However, It’ll do for my purposes (a mediaeval click track).

Chaka Khan! :smiley:
Thanks, carry on!