How To Eq. Each Midi Drum Part?


I opened up the vst instruments window (F11) and opened groove agent one and made a midi drum part (track) on one track.

Then I dissolved the midi part and now it is three separate drum tracks (ie kick, snare, hihat)

I’m trying to find a way to change the eq. settings for each part but unsuccessful. The drum sound is coming from the same vst instrument and therefore when I mess with the main eq, all parts are affected.

Is there a way to modify the eq for each part in this case?

I know I can modify each drum eq when i create an instrument track and dissolve the midi parts, but i heard this is cpu intensive. My specs are pushing the limit so i’m looking for this other solution.

anybody have the answer?

Norio :slight_smile:

If Groove Agent has multiple outs, you enable them via the arrow button to the left of the selection pane in VST Instruments. This will add the instrument channels to the mixer where you can EQ each seperately. If it doesn’t, you have to do it the hard way. I don’t use GA so you’ll have to check.


Thanks for the reply! It worked out very nice.

In GAO there was an output knob that gave me 16 options as well. i just assigned each drum part to one of the 3 channels that i activated in the vst instruments rack.

Now I can mix! Thanks again :smiley: