How to export 1 midi track only?


I have, let’s say, 3 midi tracks in a project. I only want to export 1 midi track. I solo the midi track I want and choose File Export Midi. What Cubase does and what it always used to do in ALL previous versions: It exports 3 midi tracks into the file. The track that I soloed has content, the midi content of my track in the original project. The other 2 tracks are empty even if there was content in the original project.

What do I have to do that it only exports 1 midi track into the midi file. Of course, the other 2 tracks should NOT be created when I import the midi file in another project… it is unbelievable that it creates empty tracks by default. Who decided this?


Yeah, for me it is an interesting as well

Not sure if this even works and especially for you, as you may want to export for another DAW, but in case you want to have a single MIDI track for a new project, perhaps the import function would work? I can’t check it by myself at the moment since my studio has been changed into a habitat for a family (1 woman + her daughter) from Ukraine.
Maybe this is a workaround with Cubase to Cubase?

Thank you yes this is a workaround. Export the midi, import it to a new Cubase project. Remove all the empty midi tracks and then export again.

But this is a workaround only. Cubase is a Pro DAW. How can I export 1 midi track separately to a midi file? This has to be possible.

Drag and drop midi parts is one fast way.

save the file, reset cubase, import/tracks from project, select the track you want and then export midi

workaround, but pretty quick

Why not just delete all tracks except the one you need to export, export and then just not save the project?

Because you keep the old ones as a backup in the project just in case. You always want to be able to go back if you start liking more what you did before. Normal. At least, this holds for pros.