How to export a track from a project


Hope someone can help me. I’m new to Cubase LE and want to know if I can export a single track from my project.



Is this CUBASE LE or CUBASIS LE (the iPad app) you’re talking about? Please specify so this thread can be moved to the correct section.

You can export a single track from Cubase LE by soloing the track you want to export.

Cuba’s LE

Hi ManOfWycombe,

Cubasis LE 2.4 includes Apple Files App support, which le

With Apple Files app support, Cubasis 2.4 lets you easily view, manage and organize all your files — right there on your iPad, or with iCloud Drive, and across other cloud services. The feature also enables to create folders, select multiple files, move or share content, use drag & drop, store backups and so much more.

To get an idea, please have a look at our available Cubasis 2.4 tutorial video (at about 7:50 min):

Hope that helps.

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