How to export all tracks as wav, as mixed

I want to export all the tracks in my session, using all sends, inserts, volume levels, etc, so that when these tracks are imported into another session the mix will be apparent in them.

Anyone know how to do this?


Set the locators to the start and end of the project, then File/Export/Audio Mixdown (choose wav file).

I think that’s what you’re asking, but then there won’t be “tracks to import into another session”, just the .wav file (and your original project, of course).

Yes, I had done that, and I get the audio files. But, they do not have the audio effects, volumes, etc., aPPLIED. wHEN IMPORTED INTRO ANOTHER PROJECT THE LEVELS ARE ALL DIFFERENT THAN THEY WERE IN THE ORIGINAL PROJECT.


Open the manual of your used software and check if it has “Render in place” as feature. Then read up on this.

It’s Batch Export that you want, with all the tracks to be exported highlighted. You will be able to export all the tracks in your project at once, midi tracks, efx tracks which would include your sends as well as your audio tracks. I f you are exchanging a project with someone who has Cubase render in place any midi instrument of efx that the recipient does not have. Go into Media/Archive to make sure all the audio is in your project folder the you can send the project folder.

Classical maunal read topic. Absolutely basic.

Thanks silhouette. I am familiar with Render in Place, but not with batching that. I assumed there was a more automated way than rendering each track separately, which I don’t really want to have to do.