How to export Chord Pads Patterns (player mode) (Cubase 13)?

I love the new Cubase version, especially the updated Chord Pads. The pattern player mode just gives me so many ideas and inspiration.

Now, when I drag & drop the chord, it does not export as the selected pattern, just a normal chord.

Does anyone know how I can export these too?

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I’d like to know the answer too. Do we have to route the MIDI output to a MIDI track and set that track to record, and then play it back. Dom’s Cubase tutorial didn’t show that part - but I find setting up Cubase to record from one track to another a little challenging, coming from a visual impairment and lack of time to memorize the interface. I would like to see someone do a walk through.

Also, is the advantage to Scaler 2 that each pad can have it’s own pattern? And Scaler automatically records it’s “chord pad patterns” onto the track if you simply hit record?

Here’s one solution:

Can confirm after spending hours doing this that this is the only effective way to do it. Although I will add that is seems with the 13 update that the issue of having to wait till the 3rd bar for midi recognition is mostly gone.