how to export custom chord symbols

I’ve spend a decent amount of time editing and tweaking custom chord symbols. I’ve made them “project default”.
Now I want to copy (or export) them to my other computer.
Is there a specific location where to find them , or folder that I can copy ?

Maybe this has been asked before; I couldn’t find the specific topic…


Carlo 

Yes, you can copy the file userlibrary.xml from /Users/your-username/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 3 to the corresponding location on your other computer.

Thank you, Daniel !

It would be great to have a feature like “Export/Import Chord Library” :wink:

Hi Daniel,
I’m working on a big project (60 songs songbook) where the composer uses a very particular form of chord symbols notation (common in Brazil).
So I designed the chords using the Dorico’s tools. So far so good.
I would like to preserve this library for future use.
Just saving the userlibrary.xml file was not enough, because there are engraving options related to chords symbols.
Any trick to accomplish this?
Thanks a lot

Yes, if you click ‘Save as Default’ in the Engraving Options dialog, you’ll see a file called engravingOptions.xml in the same location as userlibrary.xml, which contains your chosen default engraving options.