How to export/import effect channel presets.


I’ve been trying to find answer for this question (and I’m sure it’s somewhere out there, just can’t find it), but without luck. So my dear fellow cubase users, I would appreciate you’re help. I have created combination of effect channels that are routed in specific way (vst reverbs “bleeding” to other reverbs, delays etc"). Now is there a way to save this as a channel preset so I can just import it to other projects? I know that I can save effect presets, but I want to save the whole channel including send levels to other fx channels. Is this doable in cubase (Like in protools) and how it’s done? Thanks in advance, and I’m sorry if I managed to miss something from the manual…


If the channel save function on the mixer doesn’t do the trick - Highlight fx channel in mixer> right click “Save selected channel”

…you could set up all your typical Fx, trim your sends and groups and levels to your preference then save everything as a template.

Then you can at least start new projects with your effects already in place