How to export lossless video in cubase 10.5


I need an advice for knowing what are you guys do when you need to work on audio for video in cubase, and then to export the lossless video from there with the new loseless audio?

As Cubase 10.5 has only the option to export compressed video + compressed audio (if you choose to export video, it will compress the audio too)

And I want to export it from cubase as lossless formats, both, the video and the audio.

What are the solutions for this?

Thanks ahead!

Export only audio and remux in some other application.

Is there any other steinberg DAW that will do it?
Is merging it in a video editing software is the only option?

As I prefer not to export the audio for merging it in a video editing software, cause (a) I will need to learn this software (B) It will be a time consuming workflow.

Thank ahead!

Define lossless video… it is close to non existent…

Something like AVI for video and WAVE for audio…
Anyway, the audio is much more important for me, if I export it in cubase as a video it will compress it to AAC LC.

Cubase supports only MP4 video with AAC at the moment…
you can export your audio to an audio file and embed it to some other video formats…

Maybe this could help. I have used the xmedia recode to swap audio in video files and convert video to different format if needed.

And if you only need to embed the audio this is very quick because you don’t need to re-encode the video.

No one ever uses Lossless video!
When you say things like Avi, Mov, etc. you actually not saying anything. Those are all media wrapping formats or containers in other words. They can include many kinds of video, audio, subtitles, and other metadata content, and the video codecs themselves can vary in wide range of algorithms but no one ever uses uncompressed raw video.

The most commonly used industry standards are ProRes and DNxHD, both mildly compressed and very good for Broadcast use, they both can be wrapped in either Mov or MXF containers, which is perfect for adding uncompressed PCM audio in 16-bit or 24-bit.
I created a tool kit that was designed specially for this and much more, it cost a few bucks but it is ridiculously cheap compared to what it gives you in terms of time saving and abilities.
You can take advantage of the fully featured 21 days trial period, to see how it works for you:

Thank you for your knowledge Sagi, I appreciate it.
I will definitely look at it.

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