How to export markers from WaveLab into audio file for podcasts as chapter markers


I’m using WaveLab Pro 11.2 and I’m looking for a way to “embed” chapter markers into audio files when rendering an audio montage.

Apparently there seems to be an option “copy markers” when rendering a montage, but all this option does is to create an additional *.mrk file.

Unfortunately, as in many places, the documentation does not go into much depth on this topic.


Check here…

You have 3 options in Audio File…

Write Markers in WAV File Header (RIFF Format/BWF Format)

If this option is activated, markers are written in WAV file headers. Thus, the markers are always available even if you open the files in another application.

If Write Markers in WAV File Header (RIFF Format) is activated, markers are written in WAV file headers in the RIFF standard. However, WaveLab Pro has more marker options than the RIFF standard.

If Write Markers in WAV File Header (BWF Format) is activated, markers are written in WAV file headers in the BWF standard. This standard replaces the older RIFF standard. However, not all applications support the BWF standard.

Write Markers in Separate File

If this option is activated, markers are written in a separate file (extension .mrk) that is saved in the same folder as the audio file. This allows marker support in file formats where markers are usually not supported.

but chapter markers I don’t know what that is…
enlighten me or someone else…

It seem you can use “.xml” format after reading some info
on the internet about chapter editors…

regards S-EH

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Well… a chapter marker enables listeners of a podcast to jump to a specific part / chapter of the podcast episode.

There seems to be a way to do this with Audacity and the Auphonic online service, but I suppose a complex commercial audio software like WaveLab should have this option as well.

I found some details on this at this Auphonic blog article from 10 years ago…

Yes I got it and found this info about Auphonic and markers


3. Import Chapter Marks from Audio Input Files and WAV Markers (Zoom, Audition, Garageband, Hindenburg, Ultraschall)

If you use a Zoom Recorder, Audition, Garageband, Hindenburg, Ultraschall, iMovie, Sound Forge, Reaper or any other audio editor (DAW) which supports chapters or markers in WAV files, export your project and Auphonic will import existing chapter marks from your input audio filesautomatically (formats: .mp4, .m4a, .mp3, .flac, .opus, .ogg, .wav, …)

So I really think WL will do what you need
if anyone else got some info share it please

study markers in WL manual

regards S-EH

A direct Chapter generator will be part of the next WaveLab versions (for YouTube and Spotify). In the mean time, you can generate a text file with marker times and edit it to the YouTube or Spotify format.


That’s indeed good news, Thanks!

How exactly will that work? I’m asking since I’m not uploading the podcast episodes directly to Spotify, but they are hosted at and all I had to do to publish them on Spotify was to tell Spotify the URL of my podcasts RSS feed - so will the chapter marks be stored inside the audio file as meta data?

And how do I generate a text file with the markers?

A text file will be generated, then you can use this chapter text file is needed.

Thanks a lot… :+1: so many options… :grin:

Has anyone found a way to export the markers as chapters? I’m using Elements 11.2 and currently I’m having to use 3rd party workarounds (there are a few options on Mac and only 1 that I know of on PC) to add chapters into mp3 files. None use the text file that can be exported in Wavelab. Maybe some podcast hosts can use the Text file but the one I use has no option to upload a text file to use as chapters. Is there no way for Wavelab to export the chapters directly into mp3 files? I feel like this would be an awesome feature to add to Wavelab Cast, since it is marketed clearly at podcasters and content creators. I would love some insight into how others are doing this.

This is already possible in WaveLab Cast 2.0.
This will come soon in the other WaveLab versions (major update)

Perhaps I wasn’t clear enough. My experience is that chapters as a text file is not standard for podcast hosting services. In order to add chapters to podcasts, in my experience, the chapter markers must embedded in the mp3 file’s metadata. I have not had success in using the aforementioned generated text file to add chapters to a podcast at the host service level so that chapters are available in all platforms (not just Spotify/Youtube).
Is there no way to embed them into mp3 metadata?

Sorry, this is currently not possible.

I convert the Wavelab file generated into CSV (or use the csv file generated from the CD report) and import into an app called “podcast chapters” (Mac), then supply to a supplier normally if it has to be mp3

Flac or wav I dont normally have a problem using the embedded cd index markers (im on WL pro)

I also use forecast, which is even easier, for single long files
I import wav’s with the cd index markers into forecast, and it’ll spit out the mp3’s with everything embedded (and can change it in forecast)

Thanks Alex. I have used forecast before. Glad to know it recognizes markers from Wavelab. It does not recognize Cubase markers.
No experience with Podcast Chapters. My issue is that my current rig is a Windows PC and I haven’t found a software alternative to Forecast on PC that will import either cd markers or the Text or CSV files.

just found this actually if you wanted to bounce the wav’s with markers embedded into reaper after
with a reanamer add-on the chapter markers should be able to be batch renamed quickly

1st time I used forecast I used cd index markers, and worked 1st time, because of that unfortunately I don’t know if it works with any others and stuck with it

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