How to export notation of just one section of a piece

Hi folks,
I generally have midi parts that are 4 bars long. But that one part will have several different variations (that would also be 4 bars long), so I will have a track with maybe five or five 4 bar length sections. As things are now, if I select one part in the middle of the song and go to Score->Open Selection, then I see several measured of rests and then the one selection with the notes.

The question: Is there any way to open a selection so that just that selection opens in the notation without all the measures of rests before and after?


Yes, it’s possible. Instead of having all the parts on the same track put each part you want individually on different tracks.

Cubase organizes score layouts based on tracks, not parts. See p. 591 of the manual for details,

Hi-Is there a way to do this while one instrument (with different parts) is on one track? These are scores with many many instruments, and to have to have multiple tracks for each instrument (and a sampler loaded for each track…) will quickly become unruly…

Well, I don’t quite understand what you’re starting with and exactly what you want to end up with, and it’s kind of difficult to get that across in a forum.

Feel like posting a file?

Or better yet, reread the Score Layout and Printing manual. Maybe you want to print certain pages, or export a range graphically, Score edit does have limitations, though it can be pretty flexible in ways.

Well, I don’t feel that comfortable posting incomplete scores of my original work here :smiley:

But let me try and explain better…

First, I think you are on the right track. If I do create a new track and drag the one section down to that track and Score->Open Selection, then I do get the result I want-a page with that one isolated part’s measures only…

Now the trick is to figure out how to achieve that without having to have a bunch of separate tracks…I guess one easy solution would be to have a “dummy track” that I would just drag the individual part to and open that selection, but that kinda feels like a cheezy workaround (and not really that fast, because I’d need to edit the titles for the instruments every time) . Though that may still be the fastest way to get this job done. Basically, I want to be able to print these individual little parts and hand them to the players so they have a sheet for each variation they will need to learn…

I have read the manual, thought I do have a hard time with it. I seem to have better luck with some of the tutorial videos out there, etc. I seem to remember a way of hiding unused parts of a score…Is there a way to simply hide all blank measures? That would do the trick as well.

Score Layout and Printing manual

I do not have this? Do you mean the section in the operation manual on the score editor?

hmmm…I see this online for Cubase SX, but I have 5.5 This manual didn’t come with my version-not sure if it is still relevant?

Check out advanced layout>Number of bars. Make it 4.

Then print the page you are on only with the page range fields in the print dialog.

Good luck!

It’s the second half of the operation manual.

OK. I was able to do this and then highlight the remaining staves with rests and hide them and get what I need. Thanks!