How to export or share custom playing techniques?

Subject says it all. It doesn’t appear that new playing techniques are automatically carried over to other projects (which is a relief). How can this be done deliberately?

I’m specifically wondering about cases where I’d like to carry over new techniques to an existing project, rather than creating a blank template with the additional techniques, for use in the future.


You can Save as Default in an otherwise blank document to have the playing techniques available in all projects. I believe this was described with some detail in the release notes.


Googling “Dorico 2 releases notes” doesn’t turn up any release notes. Where would I find them? (There’s a version history PDF on the Steinberg download site, but it only goes p to v1.2.)

You can download it via Steinberg Download Assistant, or directly here.


It might be nice to make this accessible from the Help menu, so that all info sources are consolidated in one place.

The idea is that all of the information is in the documentation, which is in the Help menu. The documentation, of course, is not yet fully updated…

Hence, it might be nice to make this accessible from the Help menu. :slight_smile:

Yeah, we’re not going to do that.