How to export the Chord track?

What I’d like:
export the chord track from Cubase to something like a realbook lead sheet (without the melody, not needed, just chords between bars)

What I’ve tried:

  1. convert the chords track to MIDI track, open Score Editor, generate chord symbols. Looks super crowded and fugly, would need lots of manual clean up.
  2. export the generated MIDI track and import it in MuseScore. Better. I still have all the notes from the chords which I don’t really need, but i cannot delete them because MuseScore deletes the chords symbols, too. Also, MuseScore does not import the chord symbols correctly, a “Dsus2” gets converted to a plain D.
  3. Same as 2. but export as MusixXML from the Score editor. MuseScore imports chord symbols correctly, but the display is nearly as ugly as in Cubase.

Define ‘nearly as ugly’.

as in ‘much better, but not what I really want’ :slight_smile: After some digging I discovered a split function in the Cubase score editor, which got me from this:

to this:

Musescore looks a bit clearer imho:

I don’t actually need the notes and two staffs (staves??), but I can probably work with this.
I don’t know what it is about Score Editors, but I find them rather complicated and unintuitive to use, but that is maybe because I very rarely use them :slight_smile: