How to expose cue handles hidden by slash notation in drum parts?

I’ve figured out how to place cues in a drum part over a slash section. But I found something weird about one cue section that I wanted to edit and now I can’t locate the cue start/end handles because they are masked by the slash notation section (orange slashes section).
Can anybody help me?

This may sound obvious but have you tried clicking on the Cue where it begins?

Or just deleting the slash region temporarily. Even just that bar? (Split the region first)

A. Yes. Doesn’t work.
B. When I delete the slash region, and select the cue, I can edit the region. But there must be something else going wrong in this bar because when I re-add the slashes, I get the weird extra slur over a dotted 16th rest thingy.
Here’s my file, in case that helps. (The weird bar is bar 10.)
Latin (1.2 MB)

I’m not sure why the signpost for the cue isn’t visible in the Drumset layout.

  1. Go to the Full Score
  2. Turn signposts on
  3. You should be able to see and select the “Piano (a)” cue
  4. Leave it selected and switch to the Drumset layout
  5. Turn Start text off and back on. The signpost should reappear for you to select/edit at your pleasure.

Does this work for you?