How to extend a track to start at beginning of song

Hello. I have a song that some of the tracks start a measure or two into it. I’m trying to figure out how to extend the tracks so they begin at the very beginning. Is there a way to “add” to the track or "extend it to fill the space in my screenshot?

It depends. Each Audio Event is based on an underlying Audio File - think of it as a window that lets you see a portion or all of the Audio File. If the Event is from somewhere in the middle of the Audio File then you can drag the lower corner left to expose more of the Audio. But if the Event starts at the very beginning of the Audio File then there is no earlier audio to drag into.

If you can’t drag the event start, you could:

  • Use the Pencil Tool to create an empty 1 Bar Audio Event and copy it to all the Tracks
  • Render (or Export/Import) the Audio but set the Range to start at Bar 1 (like in your pic)
  • Convert the Audio Event into an Audio Part & then drag its start a bar earlier - this will mean you’d need to use the Part Editor to be able to edit the audio
  • But I think most folks would probably just ignore it
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One simple way would be to solo each track and export audio between the markers which would give you a .wav that was the same length as the other.

All excellent suggestions. Thank you for the tips.

Thanks Nick, I was thinking the same thing, just exporting the track to a .wav track. Do you know if there is any loss of quality when you export?

No, assuming your export settings match the project. Are you using Pro or something else? With Pro & Artist you can Render In Place

Exactly as Raino stated :slight_smile: :+1:

Thanks, I’m using Cubase Elements 9. If there is no loss when exporting then that sounds like the easiest method. Thank you both for your help.