How to Extract 5.1 from a Movie Trailer (testing functionality)

Hi all,

I’m trying to learn Nuendo 11. I just upgraded from version 5.5 and want to know how to
extract the 5.1 stems from a movie (.mov) file on a PC. I’ve got the trailer I want to play with,
but when I import it, it’s only in stereo. Is there something I can do to get it in 5.1?
Equipment used:
PC running Windows 10
audio interface - Steinberg MR816x


Is the surround in the mov uncompressed multitrack, or what codec is it in? Does it perhaps have multiple audio streams? (MediaInfo is good for this)

First of all, are you sure there’s a surround audio track in that trailer? I successfully extracted many surround audio from mkv files and it was basically AC3 or DTS , sometimes AAC (mkvextract utility) and then decoded it to 6 wavs or one poly wav (eac3to utility). But I never did it with mov.

I do believe .mov extension movie files only do Stereo Audio.

mmm… is that really correct?

No, they can have any number of audio tracks, each with different configurations (mono, stereo, multichannel…)

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when I have some strange situations (not only wrong imports but f.e. timestretch import bugs etc…) I use Adobe Media Encoder to re encode what I need.
Dunno if this helps…