how to fade out on MIDI?


It seems that the fade options in the Audio menu are just for audio. That makes sense but how about MIDI?

How to fade out on a MIDI track? I’m looking through the operations manual but can’t find it.



You could automate the Volume Fader on the MIDI track or automate the volume of the output channel or render it to audio and fade that.

If it’s a midi part, go into key edit and at the bottom you can open up a controller lane. Default is usually velocity.
select volume and using the toolbox, draw a descending ramp. You may wish to set your snap values to 64ths for a smooth ramp. Volume is CC7 BTW
Lots about it in the manual.

I avoid messing with midi volume.

Audio fades in a lot more linear fashion.

Also it’s hard to keep up with having a bunch of embedded midi to change.

Automate whatever you’re using to make the sound for your midi.

Not in a sequencer is doesn’t. It’s all math.


I think when all’s said & done the replies have shown a (new?) user that there are many ways to work in Cubase and people have their own favourite ways. All work. All answers help. It’s down to Rotterdamn to try things out and study the manual and see what works best for him.
Me? I use all of the above depending on the project & what I’m trying to achieve.
The question was fade out in midi, not put lots of RW automation throughout the track, so for a quick mix test, I’d use my midi controller & CC7. I may or may not export to audio with the CC7 fade out included and then apply automation or an audio fade during the “proper” mix.
Thing is Rotterdamn, Cubase is so clever, you have options. Good luck, and enjoy Cubase