How To Feed This Beast

Folks, I’ve recently vertured into purchasing Liquidsonic’s Cinematic Rooms, for my surround work. What I didn’t realize is that yes, I now have the software, but NO I don’t know how to properly route the inputs to feed the channels. At present, I show a single input feed (from CTR) and a full surround output on the other end. So how do you route the multi-feeds inward?

it’s not very clear what you are asking (and the thread title really doesn’t help !)

How have you got your buses set up at the moment ?- are you using cinematic rooms as an AUX fx - or inserted in a channel ? is the source material mono/stereo/surround ?


I’m using the CR as an return bus (so not as an insert). The normal track is a mono vox/instru. that I’ld like to feed to the CR assigned channel. I am wanting to know how to set N10 to feed the 5 different inputs into that reverb. Does that clarify it any better?

I’m not clear what you mean by “set N10 to feed the 5 different inputs into that reverb” ?

your source is mono so where do the 5 different inputs come from ?

Surround is not really any different to stereo. When you feed it with a mono source it gives a stereo FX output…same with surround. Things obviously change if you have a surround signal source.

Okay, let me try this way: If the plugin HAS 5 different inputs (that is my thinking) on the LS Cinematic Rooms plugin, how would you ‘feed any track’ to the plugins different output (as assignment). If nothing else, check out the Liquid Sonics demo of Cinematic Rooms. As I feel I’m like a baseball player from the island’s, able to just say ‘baseyball is good to me!’

Sorry Blas - I really can’t see what you mean “feed any track to the plugins different output” ?

you can only access multiple inputs to a plug if you have a bus that supports that many inputs…

Good Dr., My next effort will be getting back with LS the creators. I am grateful for your continued attempt to better understand my question! Should I get a reply (that I can comprehend), I’ll share it.

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please report back if becomes a little clearer - I think it’s much simpler than you are imagining :slight_smile:

Generally speaking, you are probably right. I remember a session I did some 20 years ago, sitting in front of a 40 I/O console, with the lead vox mic not coming thru the monitors…it took me 10 minutes to fix the one button problem…the phantom was off!

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my favourite is tweaking the mix - just pulling down the lead vocal a bit…now it’s perfect, that change is exactly what was wanted …whoops wrong fader :slight_smile: