How to find drum map listing for Halion’s drum kits?

I notice that the supplied Jazz drum kit uses MIDI notes that extend the GM drum map. Is there a way to find out what sounds these map to? I want a Rim Shot for example so that I can map a particular notehead to it … or a similar sound.
This would save time when choosing which supplied drum kit to try.

I’ve asked my colleagues whether they have a definitive list of the sounds in each of the drum kits in the HALion Sonic SE factory content kits, and unfortunately they don’t. It would be fun to perhaps tackle that as a crowd-sourced project, inviting people to name the more esoteric sounds at the fringes of each of those kits.

Ha! I get your point :laughing:

I suppose I was after quickly finding a kit that had a Roll and a Rim Shot sound; there doesn’t seem to be either on the Yamaha XG kit (I took its Percussion Map as a list of its sounds)

I think I’ll pass on naming the sounds in other kits for the greater good of the community for the time being and instead offer a moment’s respect for the person who kindly added the sound of a butterfly :butterfly: descending Mount Fuji :mount_fuji:on a cold winter’s eve - or was it a hihat cymbal as its pedal was being very gently released at the end of a successful take? Will we ever know?

Come to think of it; respect for people on the Emoji committee of the W3C.

Now, back to getting a life :nerd_face: