How to find out MIDI keyboard instrument number in track recording?


I’ve done this few times some time ago, but I can’t remind how.
Cubase is very fine when DEFINING instrument number for each track (Bank Selector and Program Selector), but how to find out original Bank & Program numbers when playing the MIDI keyboard with multitrack recording=on in Cubase ? Normally - once recording is done - Cubase assigns all to 0:0 which is Grand Piano, so the playback doesn’t sound like original.

Any help appreciated,

OK, maybe I will explain using a screenshot:

What I want ?
I’d like to freely change an instrument.

What I’ve got ?
As you can see, in the end of beat 16, bars go blue (previously were red). Colour change means instrument change as well.
Second screenshot shows I’ve set up required instrument by ProgramSelector in the Inspector tab:

… but it works only when being changed during playback (because first note changes instrument to “original”) , and stops working as soon as bar #16 is being played (because there’s an instrument change when blue bar occurs) .

How I’ve created this track ?

  • keyboard performance → recorded as single MIDI track with Cubase,
  • single MIDI track → applied MIDI/Dissolved Part option
  • this is one of few such obtained tracks.

I think, it might be some SysEx data - so question is, how to get thes data to ammend instrument (program) number ? Eventually how to clean all instruments data within this track to set up instrument by hand (ProgramSelector in the Inspector tab) ? Is it possible with Cubase 11 LE ?

OK, I’ve found it - maybe it will be helpful for someone:

  • select proper track
  • MIDI → Open Key Editor
  • set up window layout and show: Program Change, CC0 (BankSel MSB), CC32 (Bank Sel LSB) and clear all events accordingly.
    Now, I can do playback with repeat with no instrument change.

Some folks might find using the List Editor for this even easier.

Sure, as long as they use something higher than “LE” revision.