How to find out what VST is running?


Openning an old session and here is what i see, i cannot open the VST.
How can i know what VST it was?
I thought it was Analog Lab 4 (as a new version is out there), but i reinstalled it and it still doesn’t allow me to open it.

Any idea how to solve this?

Screenshot 2023-06-03 at 18.42.09

When you open the project there should be a dialog informing you of any plugin that could not be found. Maybe you can find the VSTi there.

no, there is no pop up / alert when opening cubase that could give a clue

In the track inspector?

yes sorry i didn’t include it in the pix, there is nothing basically.
And in the VST intrusment window as well, it says No VST

Then it’s likely the track was just a midi track and not the actual vsti

Hmmmm… do you think Cubase would convert a midi track into an instrument track?

No, but you can create an instrument track and copy/move the midi onto it.

Following @mkok idea, and guessing that you use the Pro version of Cubase : any defined external instrument involved ?

I ask this, because there is no warning about an eventual missing instrument when launching a project with external instruments disconnected.