How to find the right samples (location) in Groove Agent?

Hi all, I’ve got a problem finding out where my GA5 samples and/or libraries are ?

What I want to do :

  • I created on computer 1 (studio) a number of projects with GA5 as a metronome click (Orchestra Pit)
  • I need to take these projects with me on my laptop … also installed GA5 … but ??? I want to copy just the soundfiles/samples/library I need for these projects and I can’t seem to find where they are ??

Help needed please !!! In wich sample pack I can find the “Orchestra Pit” samples ? Where are they stored ?? I also made a preset on computer 1 (studio) … where can I find that ??

Sorry for all these questions but I really need to take these projects with me on the road and I’m not used to use GA5 … but I needed the Orchestra Sounds …

I’m on a Mac

Many many thanks in advance …
Bart Celis / If Sound Matters