How to find what font family is a piece of text

I just want to modify the font used for the “Repeat N Times” piece of text, but I have no idea of what font family I need to modify.

In my case I just want to make it small or even hide it, because I needed the repeat count to be 16, i.e. larger than 8 the max allowed number. So I used a work around and duplicated the repeated bars and have 2 x 8 x repeated bars, in order to create an appropriate play mp3

The context is that the score is for a rhythm section, bass, drums, percussions, using complex rhythms à la Steve Coleman, and the goal to create a backtrack for the music students to improvise over it.

But in the score the repeat count text is too visible while not really being significant, so I would prefer to “make them less visible” or even "hide"them.

A more generic question would be howto find which font family is used for a given a piece of text.

Of course, a larger max bar repeat count would be welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for your help.

The font is set under Paragraph Styles / Repeat Count. If you wanted to hide it, you can set the Foreground Colour to White.

As to the Generic Question - good question! Familiarity with changing fonts and font settings obviously helps to get to know what’s what but my approach has been to look under both Styles (Fonts and Paragraphs), discarding the ones that obviously won’t apply and sooner or later I’ll find it.

I agree on the max bar repeat count…


For the generic question, a property attribute associated with a piece of text could help doing the job … Maybe that could be of use for other notation objects ?