How to fit all staves in the first page

Whenever I create an orchestral layout, there isn’t enough space for all the staves on the first page, and the clefs clump together, how do I fix this?

Probably by reducing the staff size, as this looks a bit large for the number of staves on the page.

Incidentally, have you renamed those players manually to show Oboes 1,2 or are you using Dorico’s in-built condensing feature (available in Dorico Pro) ?

Thank you, I will try that, but first it keeps going; now that I want to add dynamics, they get put in on top of the next line, is there a way to make the score adjust as I am used to in finale?

And yes I have put them in manually, because when I try to add them in the instrument setup section, it doesn’t say that there is two players on the first page.

Dorico doesn’t change the staff size automatically, it’s up to you to choose an appropriate size (and in most cases, one of the preset values to follow established conventions).

Have a go watching this video about condensing, to see how to set up players. It sounds like you added e.g. two flute instruments to the same player, which is how you can get doubling players rather than condensing players.

(This video was from when condensing was first introduced, but it’s been expanded since then to including divisi etc)

Thanks, I watched the video, and I am unsure whether it is something that should be done in the end, after I have written in all the music, or it is something that I can do from the beginning and write my music in it, but I might look it trough again later.

Thank you:)

What’s your page size? Most Conductor’s Scores are much larger than A4.

As for the paired instruments: you definitely want to create two separate Players.

Dorico will merge them together for the score (“Condensing”); and yes, you can do this at the end of the process – but you need separate Players for separate Parts.

Don’t assume that processes will be similar to Finale in Dorico. Lots of it is very different – for the better!