How to fit arbitrary number of MIDI events within a time?

In Cubase 13 pro, how do you fit MIDI notes within a specified time? Something like Cakewalk has where you can stretch/shrink time for selected notes.

Specifically, I want to have 7 notes in the space of 8 sixteenths in the grid. Note, this does NOT mean changing the time signature.

A 2016 forum post says you can do it by stretching the event, but a) I don’t understand what they mean by “press on the arrow pointer” while at the same time holding down the right mouse button, and anyway b) the first half of the measure I need to be in regular time, and I don’t see a way to split a clip in the middle of the measure (I tried turning Grid off).

A 2019 post says it wasn’t available.

Surely by now?


You can stretch the MIDI Part in the Project window. Or, you can use Logical Editor to change the Length and the Position of the MIDI events. A good starting point is the Double Tempo preset.

Just click and hold on the Select (Arrow) Tool for a moment and you’ll get a menu of options for the tool. Select Sizing Applies Time Stretch.

Now when you drag the lower right or left corners of the MIDI Part it will resize the Part and also the contents of the Part.


Sounds like you are doing this correct, at least based your description.

  1. Turn off Snap
  2. Select the Split (Scissors) Tool
  3. Click on the MIDI Part at the location you’d like to Split it
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@raino Works like a charm, thanks for taking the time to give a screenshot.

I also looked at the MIDI Logical Editor and also at the Quantize Panel but didn’t see a way that those apply to arbitrary timings such as these when you don’t know the precise note starting times that are needed.