How to fix a markertrack (like in Excel)

Hi folks,
I wonder how I could fix a marker-track on top of all the other following Cubase-tracks (like you can do with the horizontal tracks in “MS-Excel”).

And even better than that would be:
put the marker-track on top of the track list one (when using divided tracklists) and fix it there.

Does anyone know a trick to fix a marker-track continuously?

Add a marker track, then hold down left mouse button and drag it where you wan´t it.

Set up a project like you want and then save that as a user template. Going forward start new projects using that template.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Is this still not fixed in C11? Luck909091 is completely right! The 2 solutions are no real solutions.

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Now I have the solution, found on Youtube: menu/project/divide tracklist. And all relevant tracks move to a sub screen with independent movements!

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