How to Fix Missing VST (Synchron Instance)

In my Dorico score, I have all the basic orchestral instruments, including Bass Clarinet. I see Bass Clarinet in the score and on the Set-Up page. I do not see Bass Clarinet listed in the VST instruments and I do not hear it playing back. I have added some screen shots to explain.

How can add the Synchron Spec Ed Bass Clarinet? Thank you!

Dorico Set-Up shows Bass Clarinet:

Dorico Play window shows a piano roll for Bass Clarinet (since it is in the score), but there does not seem to be a corresponding VST instrument on the left.

I don’t have that VST, but (I guess) you would need to create an instance of SYzd SE in the VST rack and route the Dorico Bass Clarinet to the SYzd Bass clarinet using the Track Inspector tab.

Thank you, Janus. Although I don’t know how to do that, I will consult Help before I trouble you more. That definitely sounds like a skill I need.

All the best, --Konrad

Here’s how to load another instance of a VST instrument:

Once you’ve loaded it, make sure it has the appropriate patch loaded. Then use the Endpoint Setup dialog to set the appropriate expression map:

Finally, assign the instrument in the score to this new VST instrument using the Routing section of the track inspector:

OK, I duplicated an existing low woodwind to create an additional VST instrument. I opened Synchron player to select the patch. The expression map seems to be OK since when I duplicated the existing VST, it already had VSL’s low woodwind expression map. (I guess we’ll see how that works.)

I cannot, however, see where to route it in the score. I don’t know where to find “the Routing section of the Track Inspector.” Advice?

Thanks again for going to all this trouble to help.

UPDATE: When I click the gear in the new VST instrument, I see the box for the instrument name that would correspond to the score, but I am not able to put anything there. It is blank but I don’t see how to select anything for it.

Does this help? (It’s for the default HSO+HHSE playback, but the same principle applies)