How To Fix Monitoring Issues

Hi Guys,

I had been dealing with what I believed were “latency issues” with Steinberg UR28m but now after diagnosing the issues I am having, a number of people suggested that the phasing sound I am hearing that comes across as latency may actually be having a monitoring mode turned on while the DAW is trying to monitor so it is blending both signals at the same time at different times.

I haven’t figured out from the manual but am I supposed to have something turned off in this unit or in the software? I only have the drivers installed on the moment and would prefer not to install anything unnecessary. Where would I go to adjust/fix the monitoring issues if this is in fact what my issues are? And how to adjust so I am only monitoring from my DAW?

I think I figured this out. So I just mute the analog inputs in the mixer software? I not getting the phasey sound anymore when I do this! Is there another else I should be doing or is muting the channels the proper solution?