How to flatten/distort a curve?

Hi there,
I am trying to flatten the shape of a curve (a senoid in fact). I"ve got the latest Pro version, and I find no way to do it with the transform tool.

Any ideas?

In the same line, I would also want to distort the selection and increase tje amplitude of the senoid wave.

I am trying to find a way to work with Spectralayer on violin vibratos

Many thanks in advanced

As far as flatten, do you mean make a curved frequency (like the vibrato/tremelo curve in a harmonic series) flatter?

Also what do you mean by distortion? If you want to distort a frequency wouldnt you be able to use the frequency selections tool and add value to its amplitude (by clicking under the process tab and then go to Amplitude and then choose Gain)? Also wouldn’t you be able to use the transform tool to multiply a frequency?

Hi Unmixing,

I meant distorting in the “Photoshop” sense od the word. If the transformer tool I can move up and downward, as well as side ways. I can stretch the selection horizontally. But I couldn’t manage to stretch the selection vertically.

I said distorting as selecting a wave’s crest and be able to distort it, let’s say turn a senoid or ark into a line, or rotate it and so forth.

In short, I’d like to select the note using the harmonics selection tool and remove the note’s vibrato.

I hope it’s clear now.
Any help is mostly welcomed

Exactly. You can already do this by using the frequency selections tool and then go to Process and under the Process Tab look for Amplitude and under Amplitude look for Gain. The Frequency selections tool (and even the harmonics/overtones tool) allows you to select exact frequencies. It even allows for exact thickness and thin selections based off of pixels.

Technically you can use the Tone generator but I dont believe Spectralayers specializes in this kind of audio manipulation.

There is another application called “DeepAudio/DeepRemix” that specializes in this kind of audio manipulation. However flattening the vibrato/tremolo curve is based off Pitch/Note series and not based off of the Harmonics/overtones series.

As far as flattening the curve goes, I would prefer to flatten the Harmonic/overtones series over the Pitch/Note series that way you have more control over the audio. That other program I mentioned does allow for harmonic manipulation/alterations but most times (9 times out of 10) it misses because other sound sources/instruments get entangled in the stems.