How to flip the channels?

Long story short…
I finished a mix. 11 tracks, just over an hour long. I bounced all the tracks as stereo files and sent a couple of them to friend of mine so he can cut a batch of vinyl records for our friends and mates.
Thing is that during the cut they flipped the channels, so left is right and right is left. Not that big of a deal but it triggers me every time I listen to it. (yes, I know…)
We want to put the album on bandcamp so I need the files as they are but at the same time we want to cut a batch of vinyls with the full album as well.

Is there a way in Cubase Pro to “flip” the stereo file so I can send it to be cut the “proper way”?
I am really not looking forward to going back to my mix and change all my panning on all tracks in all 11 songs.


First thought:
You can mixdown to separated L & R channels then pan the created tracks accordingly and mixdown to one file again…


There may be another way but it eludes me at this time…

Or simply ask your friend to make sure the channels are not flipped when he cuts the vinyl.

My friend sorts out all the stuff with vinyls but it’s not him who is cutting it.
Mixing down to separate L and R is a good idea, I haven’t thought about it.
And I’ll have a look at the tip from the link.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah, it is a bit hidden but pretty straightforward once you know.

  1. Click the control on the right side of the Panner and change it to ‘Stereo Combined Panner’
  2. This lets you set where the left & right edges of the Panorama are by dragging or direct entry
  3. Drag both edges a bit towards the center to give you some working space
  4. It will look something like Lxx Ryy where x & y are the positions (e.g. L32)
  5. Click on the Lxx value and change it to “R” (no numbers) and then change Ryy to “L”
  6. The Panner color will change to indicate they are reversed.

This is actually much easier to do than it is to describe.