How to force longs instead of legato in a playback template?

I’m currently using Spitfire’s BBCSO and Eric Whitacre Choir playback templates on a project, and noticed that when I try to add divisi to a section, the audio will cut off for each new note (rather than overlapped sustain). I opened the plugins and noticed they are often forced into the legato patches, even though longs are available. I’m not using any slurs in my score in this part in question.

Nonetheless it’s not clear to me how I can force Dorico to use the longs patch instead of legato, in particular where I don’t need legato? I looked around in the available playback techniques and couldn’t figure it out. Thanks!

Hi ! That’s probably something you should change in the expression map (the tool that translates notation into the virtual instrument language). Check out how Natural is mapped, and if it’s a non-polyphonic legato, change it to a “long” sound. Make sure the patch is not a non-polyphonic legato patch if it’s not what you need. Hope it helps!