How to get a quick taste of the many "Kit with patterns"?

Dear All,
I use Groove Agent to create drum pattern in Cubase…

I am kind of overstrained when I look for a new kit with patterns… there are so many and getting a taste of one “kit with pattern” (I mean listening to e.g. pattern “Verse” of “29 Min Jupiter”) takes some time (I always need to add an Intrument Track to a project, select Groove Agent etc.)

Is there a way I could quickly run trhough the different Kits/pattern ?
I just need to listen to them briefly in order to know whether I like the pattern or not…

Thanks !

For auditioning, I just keep a single Groove Agent 5 open and keep loading different kits (making sure that “Load Kit with Patterns or Styles” is enabled) and then press some of the available pattern pads.

Alternatively you could also use the Media tab in the right zone of Cubase to audition in the Loops and Samples section and filter for midi loops.