How to get a redeem code for Halon 6

I own Halon 6, and it is registered on my USB eLicenser. I love to transfer this license to the new Steinberg Licensing, but when I check under Vouchers in my account, it is not listed as a redeemable upgrade.

Is Halon 6 not upgradable to this new licensing? And I want to upgrade to the new Halion 7.1 later this month. Is that still possible?

I am a bit confused, because all my other stuff (like Dark Planet for instance) DID got those vouchers. What is going on?

Yes, that’s right. HALion 7 is the first version that uses the new licensing system. Similar to Cubase, Dorico, and WaveLab, older versions still require the eLicenser and won’t be migrated to the new one.
As far a I can tell, vouchers were only provided for content licenses, not for applications – except you were eligible for a free update during a grace period.

Yes, you can update HALion 6 as long as the eLicenser system is still supported. It will be closed down sometime next year. Then you can still use the software relying on the eLicenser but you can’t update it any longer.
Since there’s currently a HALion sale, it is a good time to update.

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Thanks a lot fore these answers. I will upgrade later this month, so it’s not a big problem. Still - It’s a bit strange you cannot change that older license to the new version. Anyway - It is what it is…