How to get a Roland FP30 to show up as a Midi input

I haven’t used Cubase with a keyboard for years and with this new Roland FP30, I wasn’t sure if it required a midi interface or not.
The manual just says it needs a printer/MIDI cable to connect to your computer.
So I bought a cable (which was advertised as being suitable for MIDI), but it’s not showing up in Windows devices (that I can tell) or in Cubase.
The only Midi Input in Cubase Midi Port Setup is the Microsoft Wavetable synth.
I am using ASIO4ALL driver and it’s been working well for regular Midi file playback.

Is there any way I can get this working with just the midi cable, or do I need to buy a midi interface device?


As far as I can see, Roland FP-30 has USB COMPUTER port. Use common USB cable (it’s not a printer/MIDI cable, some operation manuals just describe it this way, it’s the very same cable, you use for the printer, for example; the very basic USB cable; there is maybe one in the box already) and connect it to Cubase. Then you should see FP-30 in Cubase.

I am using a USB type A to type B printer cable, like this:

The USB type B plugs into the Roland Midi out, and the USB type A plugs into my computer.
But it’s not showing up in Windows as a device or Cubase as a midi input.

So you’re sure I don’t need a Midi interface device then?
Do you know how I can get it to show up in Cubase or Windows?
And yes, I have my Roland turned on and I have tried rebooting my computer :slight_smile:


Yes, I’m sure you don’t need any other device.

Could you please attach a screenshot of Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI Ports Setup?


Interesting… Does the hardware need any driver by any chance? Could you search for it?

Can you see the device in the system in the connected peripheries?

Windows just decided to recognize it.
After turning my Roland on and off again!
And I got it working in Cubase as it showed up as a Midi input automatically.
Thanks for your help!

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