How to get a simple stereo delay?

Probably a dumb question, but…

All I want is a simple stereo delay where I have 100% of the original track panned to the left, and an identical copy panned to the right with a 200ms delay.

The closest I got to doing this was with the Stereo Delay effect from FX Pack 1 as insert, with settings Damp 100%, Feedback L/R 0%, Balance Rx0.50, Mix 100%, sync off, and 200ms delay. But. This means the first sound I hear is the left 200ms delayed copy, and the second sound is the right 400ms delayed copy.

A second way seems to be: put original 100% on left, and use a the Internal Effects delay as send effect panned to the right. But it seems like the internal delay only does notes/bars, not millisecond. And um… how do I pan the output of a mono send effect to the right?

Feels like I have a lot to learn. Any tips anyone?