How to get a update to HALion5 or HaLion5 dvd?

I bought Halion4 and get this dvd and bought the update to HAlion5 as download on the Steinberg website , but how to update from HAlion 4 to Halion 5, because i cannot find the download update on the Steinbergsite anymore ?

I download the trial HAlion5 dvd from Steinberg, but get a error message . missing sounds and maybe has this something to do that it is a trial version ?

I don’t get a answer from Steinberg… they are not commercial seems to me.
As user i must anytime and always be in the position to download the latest software when i am a registered user
for this software.
I read earlier post on this subject and it is shocking …no download for user for a upgraded registered product

Did you contact support? Can you find a download link inside your account?

Thanks for your help!
Yes i already contact support… i try to do follow your link to my shoppingcart
I do see there a update order of HAlion5 and i can resend a e-mail probably for download again ?

I got a link to my account , but the download for HALion5 is not there anymore
What a userunfriendly and stupid mess is this from Steinberg…shocking for a professional audio software company

I payd for HAlion5 and cannot download HALion5 from their website in my account were all is registered…
Perhaps it is policy from Steinberg to prevent that too much copies of HAlion5 will be distributed ?

Dear Dutch555,

I have sent you the download links for the Halion 5.

For all other users: If you need any installation files, please contact the support by email: