How to get arpeggio chord pads to function in a track

I guess that’s how it’s explained…I open up chord pads then select pattern and some chords, then they work they arpeggiate…but only when they are in the chord pad window not when I drag them into a track…they lose the arpeggio and just sound plain chords…now I can if I want to, just record the arpeggio from the chord pad window by holding down the pad but I was wondering because it seemed like after going through all the trouble of selecting the chords, arpeggio type etc. that I would simply drag the chord into a track and edit its length or position and that would be it…but like I said it will not arpeggio once dragged into a track…(piano)…so can anyone help?..

I faced the same problem. Dragging on an instrument track does not work.

In Elements, I simply recorded the arpeggio trigger on the instrument track.
Assuming you used the default setup, I pressed record then hit C1 for first apeggio D1 for second chord arpeggio, etc.
There may be a little delay for the arpeggio recording. The arpeggio got recorded on the instrument track (an Arturia vst).
It can be edited if you wish.

I forgot to point out that in the player mode (piano player) you must select Pattern.