How to get Audio files out of a pool?

Not having much luck at this. Last night a littel green gremlin came and stole six audio files from my current project. I checked the drive, they have vanished.
I have them in the Audio Pool of another project but can’t seem to find a way of dragging tehm onto my drive so they are avalable again. Tried various options. I want to retain name and keep the files seperate.
Which is the correct way please?


The files are not in the Pool at all. Cubase is always using a link to the source file. The file doesn’t exist in Cubase.

Hi Martin.
Thank you for the response, then how do I find these files. They seem to be available in some projects. but not in others. Seaching my hard drive outside of Cubase brings null result

I managed to solve this problem by using track
archives. Thank you Martin

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You can use the Revel in Finder or Show in Explorer function in the Pool.

Tell em someone peed in it…