How to get Audio Hardware Setup show up always

I hope you find this helpful.

  1. Go to Yamaha FW driver and set it ADAT. Close and reopen it to make sure it is really set!
  2. With Cubase open: go to Studio > Studio Setup and set ASIO driver to “No Driver”.
  3. Turn off both computer and MR.
  4. Turn on MR first, once booted, boot the computer.
  5. Wait till MR shows as an audio device on your computer.
  6. open Cubase and add a new project.

Now, the Audio Hardware Setup should show up.

Maybe not important: in step 1: I have a sample rate to 44.1kHz and when I create a new project (step 6) I am choosing your sample rate. Maybe you want to start with your desire sample rate from the beginning.

Thank You!!!
It worked.

This was an active topic back in the day, with much discussion. It seemed to be an intermittent issue for a lot of people.

The key that worked reliably was forcing Cubase to offer the driver selection window upon opening. This can accomplished by doing only step 2 in Chikitin’s post, then closing and opening Cubase. Upon opening, Cubase prompts you to select your audio driver. For the people reporting the issue, the hardware window always appeared after receiving this prompt upon starting Cubase. No need to reboot or set the hardware in any particular way, etc. etc.

Next time your Hardware menu disappears, try that.

Even though this was a recurring issue on the MR interfaces, I’ve observed it on UR inteerfaces, too.