How to get back my Cubase Elements 8 UPGRADE from LE7/8?

Hi! Years ago I bought Cubase Le7 and had it activated via elicenser. Later on I UPGRADED this license to Elements 8.
Now had to reinstall windows and thus also had to reinstall cubase, but I lost my Le7 key, so I purchased a copy of LE8 which came with a download access code, stating that this access code will be translated into an activation key for the elicenser once I registered it on I did redeem the download code on, but instead of giving me an activation key for the elicenser, I now got referred to the “steinberg download assistant” where I could successfully download and activate cubase LE11. LE11 would be fine as such, but I want my Elements UPGRADE back. I still have the elicenser activation key for Elements, but since it was an upgrade from LE7/8, I still need to register my Le8 in the elicenser first instead of having Le11 in the assistant.
When I try and enter the elements upgrade key in the assistant, it refers me back to the elicenser.

So how do I get an elicenser activation key for my Le8 now instad of the assistant Le11 version?

I contacted steinberg via helpcenter over 1 month ago but haven’t gotten a reply so far.

Thank you in advance.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Go thru the Reactivation process from the old Soft-elicenser to the new one. This will transfer your Cubase Elements 8 license from the old computer to the new one.

Already tried reactivation, but I only have th enew elicenser number, not the old one anymore, so there are no licenses in the new one. that’s why I need my “download access code” turned into an elicencser activation code. I need to activate LE8 first in order to (re-)activate my Elements 8.


Get in touch with your local technical support. Provide them the email address you are using in your MySteinberg account. In the history of your account, they will find your old Soft-eLicenser Number and register it to your account, so you can reactivate from it.